This is the complete list of episodes for the first season of Ivick Von Salza - The little Lumberjack

Ep1. TreeHouse
Ep2. Vigoras the musician
Ep3. Jumping on the couch
Ep4. Out of the Ballpark
Ep5. Lunch time
Ep6. A Day at the Zoo
Ep7. Frozen Apple
Ep8. Take a Break
Ep9. Snowball war
Ep10. If you can't beat them
Ep11. Do the right thing
Ep12. The sleepwalker
Ep13. Race track
Ep14. Ivick's Hat
Ep15. Balloon Pet
Ep16. Stinky Piggy
Ep17. Crazy Video Games
Ep18. Clairvoyance
Ep19. A secret romance
Ep20. Halloween Night
Ep21. Old memories
Ep22. Ivick falls ill
Ep23. The delicious juice
Ep24. Bad Company
Ep25. We are not alone
Ep26. Malta the fashion queen
Ep27. Fishing
Ep28. Hot Springs
Ep29. Nokus Okus
Ep30. Electric trouble
Ep31. Scary News
Ep32. A big problem
Ep33. Tooth Fairy
Ep34. Skating lessons
Ep35. Space Mission
Ep36. Happy birthday Vigoras
Ep37. Joking around
Ep38. Traveling in time
Ep39. Snowboarding
Ep40. The Big Party
Ep41. Cooking nightmare
Ep42. The Circus
Ep43. Plant a Tree
Ep44. The Music Box
Ep45. Big Boys don't cry
Ep46. Don't make it worse
Ep47. Dance Dance
Ep48. Christmas is Here
Ep49. What a mess
Ep50. Wishing well
Ep51. The camping trip
Ep52. Malta don't go
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